Started: June 1, 2016
Challenge Ends: June 25, 2016
A Little About Me:

I like to paint............. and lots of other things too..........

My Challenge:

Painting 100 paintings in 25 days.

Anyone who donates $100 or more can choose one of the paintings painted.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to date......Together we make a diffeence.......Yay!

This Challenge Is Important To Me Because:


This is a fundraiser to address homelessness issues and support low income housing in Rossland

This is important for me because I feel that housing is a basic need that when met allows for us to grow to our full potential.

I have worked for decades in the West kootenays in the social service sector and have found that when housing is lacking for individuals there is little grounding and security. If we can support people in our area to be more stable through supporting them to have a home then the world will be a better place.......